The amount that goes into a community is mind-boggling.  Each community is completely unique, just like every year at Link changes because of entirely new components... and recreating any community exactly is impossible due to this.  There is one thing, however, which every "healthy" community on the planet has in common, an underlying thread which ties together every aspect of community: LOVE!

It is love.  (The kind of love which cherishes one another, the love that is willing to accept other's mistakes.)  In order for a community to function successfully at any level, its members must see God expressed in each other.  I believe this requires vast LOVE.  When people love the idea of what they're striving for together, love that they share; be it a living space, a goal, a dream... then the result they want is way more attainable and meaningful.

Love comes with many other qualities hand-in-hand, like understanding, patience, courage, and forgiveness, love is the foundation.  No community is an island.  It can't just function by itself without effort and vigor being constantly given forth from everyone.  Love is behind all that, because LOVE is behind everything!  Agape love, kardeşlik love, namaste (the God in me sees and acknowledges the God in you) love, it's all ONE love and it never quits.  A healthy community needs something deeper and soulful or people would just get up and wander elsewhere.  In healthy communities, there is a beautiful reason why everybody stays, and I steadfastly believe it is love.
1/6/2011 14:58:34

Dear shmaylor!

this was the most beautious thingfff i have ever read. it inspired me to write a song. but i probably wont. you just left to rock climbing. how fun. climbing rocks. anyways. i loved that poem. alot. i think you are the most wonderful person in this entire world. and yes,i am very serious when i say that. (if you could see my face then you would know my serioussness of it) that didnt really make sense. but yah. dont let ****** make you sad. for me. be happy. for me.
love you more than anything.


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