Soak me in this
Soak me in this light.
I want to come out of this love
as crinkled as a raison
just absolutely drenched.
That is all. 

ode to a sailboat

Every time
  I stand on the shore
And see you
  I falter a little
  Wanting to make
  A mad dash
  For the binoculars
  In my purse
  Or into the waves
  To catch you
  Instead I
  Reach slowly
  And in awe
  Raise the spectacles to my face
  Giving a moment
  Of sacredness,
  Or angst
  To the deepest
  Most real
  Temptation I have
  To swim out to you
  Or drown trying
  Cause a moment is all
  I can afford right now
  To dance to your rhythm in the wind
  You are
  Just a white
  Crossing the blue
  Rocking and coasting alone
  If you longed for me
  Like I long to be with you…
  You would be for me like
  Watching you go
  Is like watching my
  Own soul
  Humming sweet tunes and
  Basking in peace
  Crossing every wave of pain with
  Bliss as the wind in my sails
  I know that we are
  Awfully connected
  At our cores
  And I’m certain
  Things would be
  Better then,
  If I were sailing instead of
  Here, but
  You are simply
  Too far away
  To be more than

the crazies

You know!
The feeling when
You’d rather die
Than sit still
So, of course
You must begin
Grabbing everything in sight
You dash around
The house
And the yard
It is so glorious
Starting this sort of riot
And you giggle
Because you’re becoming delirious
And you don’t mind at all

But then
You crash!
And fade…
And consider hiding your face in
Your hands
Or falling down and just
Forgetting to
Pick yourself back up
Yah you swear you’re the
Most lonesome you’ve
Ever been
And certainly
Far far more
Desperate than usual
Because you’re becoming blue
That’s just how the crazies work
And you don’t mind at all


Lovely, I dare you
to allow yourself to be drenched
in the next rainfall
as the rain falls
atop your head
it’s like spring cleaning
yourself out, vigorously
as it exposes to you
a budding freshness you think you’ve tasted before…
I don’t know if you’ve ever disguised
your happy tears as raindrops.

On any given day
it can hit you and
make heavy your load
as the rain falls
atop your head
it weighs
your newly dampened clothes
as it exposes to you,
your own vulnerability
I don’t know if you’ve ever wondered
if the world was crying as it rained.

Yet there is another side to
everything, and this downpour
is no exception:
as the rain falls
atop your head
maybe you tap your toes
and lift your face
as it exposes to you,
the bliss reigning within you
I don’t know if you’ve ever had somebody’s
hand to hold and dance with as it rained.

Go outside into it
Preferably barefoot
Wink at the door on your way out
as the rain falls
atop your head
realize that it’s okay
to bask in it
as it exposes to you,
being human is all about this feeling!
I don’t know if you’ve ever
Loved like this like this like rain